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Can You Spot the Real Thing (the GOSPEL that is)?

"When I first got saved, I really wanted to please God. So I sat under convicting preaching and read convicting books. I did everything I was told. I worked very hard at trying to serve God and did my best to build his kingdom. But I eventually burned out. And looking back, I didn't see much impact from my efforts. Later my eyes were opened that my main motivation I was operating from was guilt and fear. Fear of having God upset with me because I wasn't doing enough for Him. Guilt (which I called "conviction") because I didn't measure up, despite my best effort." by Jim
Jane confesses, "When I received Jesus, I rejoiced that I was forgiven of all my sins. I was told that my personal life didn't matter much to God because he loves me despite what I do. I'm under grace, and God is primarily interested in justice and helping the poor. For years, my life was focoused on raising my children, sending them to college when they grow up, and someday having grandchildren. I went to church once a week, read my Bible, and prayed. I was hungry for justice in the world and supported several causes that promoted it. Looking back, I discovered that Jesus was really just a supplement to my akready busy life. Christ wasn't the reason why I breathed. I was living for other things, even good things like raising a family and working for justice, but they weren't my Lord Jesus."

Jim and Jane's sobering testimonies are two lesser messages that paints a false picture of the true gospel and keeps Christians in bondage, so that they can't see the gospel of the kingdom. When you see the true gospel Jesus set in motion on the day of his resurrection your heart is captured forever by the truth and the chains that kept you bound fall off. You are free to pursue him with all your heart.

Even though in most of Paul's letters in the New Testament he tackled these two lesser messages

and the fruit they produced because many embraced one of these two messages.

Sad to say, countless Christians today don't know the gospel of the kingdom and never experienced it's liberating secret. The true gospel is so much greater than the lesser two messages will ever be!

Cindy and I are focusing in 2020 on the true gospel of the kingdom and standing with others around the world who are awakening to Christ again in a fresh new way. Our hope is that our message of the ONE true gospel will deliver you from all other false gospels except the gospel of the kingdom--a gospel that has been mostly lost to us today.

"New doctrines, new revelations and new gospels are springing up almost daily. And it's going to get much worse. The Bible clearly warns that in the last days strange doctrines will come forth — introducing another Jesus, another Spirit, another gospel" said Dave Wilkerson back in the 90's.

Paul too confessed to a fear he had about the Corinthians:

"But I fear, least by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtilty, so your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ" (2 Corinthians 11:3).

Paul was saying,

"You are too open, too willing to listen, too anxious to hear something new!"

Sounds like our generation, doesn't it? But I'm here to tell you there's a movement swelling worldwide with the serious followers of Jesus awakening and returning to a fresh experience of the radical gospel of the kingdom. Now that's GOOD NEWS worth TELLING!

So our posts on New Hope's blog this coming year will focus on reclaiming the gospel of the kingdom. Let's throw out the gospel of religious duty, or easy believism and reclaim the gospel Jesus died for!

Lord, we ask you to give each one this coming year a deeper understanding into your eternal purpose. Make us a witness and testimony of your present refreshing work going on NOW in a customized personal way. We confess we can't bring it about on our own but our eyes are on you who can and will. AMEN


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