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Hear What Others Say about Conversational Prayer

Testimonials about Conversational Prayer?

Jene says, "Conversational prayer captured my attention.  The thought of aligning myself with God, letting go of the mindset of “it’s all up to me”, is refreshing."

"I had never heard of conversational prayer before. Since learning to pray this way, I can say, it offers hope, reminding us that we can enter and live in God’s kingdom regardless of our brokenness.

It shows how we can participate with God in ways that change us at a deeper level, not just superficially/externally," says Phyllis E. 

Jenny D. says, "the four aspects of conversational prayer are helpful with learning how to engage with God in a meaningful relationship as well as freeing regarding the life of a Christian and the why/how God intended us to live our daily lives.

It's been eye-opening to learn how to directly engage with God.  You won't find a quick magic cure, but a path that leads to the abundant life with Christ. A feast for your soul!"

"I wish that I knew about conversational prayer years ago. It certainly would have saved me a lot of time and heartache in learning how to connect with God. Once I understood the four aspects of conversational prayer I craved God's presence like never before.

I  highly recommend conversational prayer," says John K.

David A. says, "Listening to and hearing from God is of huge importance. The privilege and experience of conversational prayer are literally life-changing.

The four aspects of conversational prayer clarify much of the best on the subject I've ever read.

At least sample it. You may be glad you did!"

"Because Christianity is referred to as a "Relationship" and not a "Religion", I struggled to understand how to have this relationship when it seemed so "one-sided". I was always doing the talking through Prayer.

The examples and illustrations what a 2-way dialogue with God actually looks like helped me understand what conversational prayer looks like" says Sean P.

Kelly C. says, "I love that conversation prayer focuses on a deep relationship with Jesus Christ.

Anyone who wants to learn more about becoming closer to Christ and developing a prayer life that brings joy and peace could benefit from conversational prayer.

The four principles of conversational prayer are valuable to my own prayer life throughout my own life."  

LW says, "If you have ever been stuck in a place where your prayers have seemed futile and repetitive or you were so overwhelmed by life that you didn’t even know how to pray about a situation, then conversational prayer is a good solution.

I could see how my prayer life could be transformed from praying repetitively to pray passionately to my Heavenly Father who wants to have a real conversation with me."

Roy W. says, "The idea that if we are in a relationship with God and we should have conversations with him makes sense to me.

We talk and listen to those we love throughout our regular schedule without flowery and "churchy" language. Conversational prayer challenges us to have those type of conversations with God, listening and talking to Him in prayer.

Conversational prayer is for new and lifelong Christians seeking to grow their prayer life."

"I have searched for a good resource on listening to God that a) is practical and immediately applicable b) gets deep (not feel good fluff) and c) isn't a 500-page theological treaties.

There is no such thing as a relationship that doesn't involve conversation, yet most of my prayers are one way. Conversational prayer is helping me understand God's specific will for my life through genuine, two-way communication, and grow in the confidence of knowing what God's voice sounds like," says Kelene D.

Sandy L. says, "This has COMPLETELY changed my walk with the Lord !!! I have never felt the closeness with God the way I do now. AMAZING!! I love how simple and yet so powerful conversational prayer is !!! I have learned to be more sensitive than ever to the Holy Spirit! My walk with the Lord is so much closer now as I now have what I need to hear from Him !!! 


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