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New Testament Reality (Comes Only by Revelation)

Years ago when I first heard the term "revelation knowledge" I thought I knew what it meant. I thought it meant reading the bible, studying the Greek and Hebrew, reading commentaries but boy was I wrong. I'm not saying reading the bible, studying the Greek and Hebrew or reading commentaries is wrong, however New Testament reality is based on revelations received and written by the apostles and prophets of the New Testament.

So what do I mean by revelation knowledge? The knowledge the apostles received didn't come through natural reasoning or by studying. No. (By the way, today many Christians think by natural reasoning and studying the Bible equals New Testament reality.) It doesn't.

Instead, New Testament reality (what the apostles and prophets saw) took such a hold of them they were willing to give up everything and commit their lives to what they saw. People cannot understand God by human reasoning and by study only, "The Lord says, “My thoughts are not like yours. Your ways are not like mine."

We get this up-side-down and say, "clearly our ways are like God's, if not he wouldn't be blessing us like he does." When we try to understand spiritual truths purely by our human intellect alone, they are only concepts in our mind. Once those concepts take hold of us then we're able to say we received revelation knowledge and encountered the spiritual truths as reality.

"Spiritual reality places us in the direct presence of God. The light (spiritual realities) penetrate us to the core of our being and human reasoning and opinions collapse in the face of them."

This is GOOD NEWS. You say, "how can that be?" Believe me when I say - God has a way of shaking everything we believe so that what's left is New Testament reality. Has he ever shaken things you believe to be true later to find out you believed a lie?


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