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A global community of women who are reclaiming the priority of discipleship as God’s means to change the world.


our commitment

  • Community

We’re going to do it together! You will get to meet the other women of the Discipleship Collective in order to encourage you each other and pray for each other.

  • Monthly Experience Kit

On the first of every month we will release exclusive equipping resources to you ( a total of 12) including: 1) Teaching Guide, 2) Exclusive Podcast Episode, 3) An Activity to help you and those you are discipling apply that month’s lesson, 4) A Challenge for you both to live out and hold each other accountable to.

your commitment

  • One Year

Give us one year in the Discipleship Collective. We want to see what God will do in you and in those you are discipling. By the end, you will be ready to empower those you are discipling to go and make disciples themselves.

  • Put it into Practice

Discipleship looks different for everyone.  We do not expect every member of the Discipleship Collective to be leading in the exact same way. It’s the beauty of it all. You get to disciple in the place God’s put you. We will just always challenge you to keep going.

Go And Make Disciples

You have influence in your places. Whether you are a mom, a teacher, an accountant, or a small group leader, there are others looking to you. So, how do we make disciples in the places God has put us in?

The Discipleship Collective was created to give you simple tools to both enrich your personal understanding of the biblical, theological, and practical relational aspects of following God and activities for you to use to engage those you’re discipling. While you dive deeper into topics like prayer and repentance and spiritual gifts, you will be given tools to help disciple others in those areas of their lives too.


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